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1930s, Sydney.
Loyalty card for pie franchise. 2014. Collection of Mandy B.
Label from strawberry packaging. 2014. Collection of Mandy B.
1961 Qantas travel sticker for Perth, Australia showing a kangaroo hopping
Smoking kookaburras.

Ephemera news

War pulp fiction novels from the early 1960s. 17.5 x 11.5 cm

WE CAN ALERT MEMBERS AND WEBSITE USERS TO A GENUINE 50% OFF SALE OF EVERYTHING AT MICK & IRENE STONE'S CAMBERWELL BOOKS. SALE STARTS SATURDAY 30 AUGUST, 10.00 AM. The shop is being sold, and Mick & Irene are "retiring". You must come to the shop … [Read more...]

Great graphics from the 1970s.

  WE LIKE THIS PLAY COVER. IT'S PART OF THE 50% OFF SALE. Camberwell Books (the shop) is being sold, and Mick & Irene are "retiring". You must come to the shop to get the discount. Where:  Camberwell Books, 207 Camberwell … [Read more...]

What we collect: letterhead, paper bags..

From 1917. Collection of Brian W.

LETTERHEAD: COLLECTOR BRIAN W WRITES: An integral and important part of every commercial company's 'livery', a letterhead was designed to convey most facets of the business venture. As part of the … [Read more...]

As this business has expanded from its home base at the South Melbourne Market, it has a bag that announces its status as the purveyr of renowned snacks. 19 x 17.5 cm. Collection of Mandy B.

MANY KNOW THAT OUR FOUNDER HONOR GODFREY COLLECTED PAPER BAGS. As we pass another anniversary of the Society's creation - August 1987, here are some recently collected paper bags that Honor might … [Read more...]

How to stay warm? Get away?

Stitchcraft, No. 34, 1935. 29.4 x 21.6 cm. Stapled, full colour cover. Collection of Andrew H.

All in the head - no need for knitting instructions Initially knitters did not use pattern books. This was because: they could not read; only traditional patterns local to an area were used; and the knowledge about the necessary number of stitches, … [Read more...]

Pioneer bus timetable. Folded pamphlet, 2 colours, 23 x 10 cm. Circa mid 1950s. Collection of Ed J.

SHOPKEEPERS LEFT THEIR COUNTERS AND CUSTOMERS THEIR PURCHASES to flock to the doorways to see the first motor 'bus they had ever cast eyes upon. The crowd in Hopkins-street gazed open-mouthed, as with the eight mile gear running we wended our … [Read more...]