Leafing through our library of ephemera

Label from strawberry packaging. 2014. Collection of Mandy B.
Collection of Eric P.
Post-war brochure to assit migrant with information about Australian states.
Cough drop package, circa 1922-24. 5 x 8 x 1.5 cm. Collection of Andrew H.
Sergeant Dan Birds of the World - Blue Wren, card 32 of a series of 40.

Collectors & collections

Back cover of Clements Tonic Cookery Book, stapled 32 pages, 18 cm x 10 cm, c.1930-1940. Collection of Brian Watson.

BRIAN WATSON & HIS COOKERY BOOKLETS HAVE BROUGHT PLENTY OF THESE ITEMS OUT OF THE CUPBOARD. This is one Brian produced when asked for some material with an art deco flavour. The cook looks very calm and in control of her kitchen; is it due to an … [Read more...]

Sammy; quality citrus from Golden Mile Orchard,

FRUIT ART FROM TASMANIA & QUEENSLAND, VIA ESA MEMBER NICK HENDERSON. The tiny selection we have here shows that in Tasmania, they concentrate on the fruit itself. Clements & Marshall was established in 1901 and still trades today … [Read more...]

Our friends in the collecting world


'MANY OF THE [STATE LIBRARY'S] MOST UNIQUE COLLECTIONS ARE THE LIFETIME WORK OF A NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANISATIONS'. So says the State Library of Victoria in its Collections and Content Strategy … [Read more...]


THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS OF SEEING PART of this vast collection of Victorian government records including from home.  Here is a link to a selection of their art deco travel posters. You can visit … [Read more...]

What’s on? What’s happened?


HARD TO IMAGINE THAT CRICKET EPHEMERA FOR THE SOON TO RETIRE MICHAEL CLARKE WILL BE WORTH MUCH IN THE FUTURE. Are we wrong? Michael Clarke made his first class debut for New South Wales as a seventeen-year-old in the 1999–2000 Sheffield … [Read more...]

Hiroshima Day; peace rally march, poster, size not known, Brisbane, circa 1990s.

The centenary of World War 1 has been well marked; time to look at the ephemera of other war events. The atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki on 6 August and 9 August 1945. Here is ephemera from around the world about the bombing; … [Read more...]