Leafing through our library of ephemera

Label from strawberry packaging. 2014. Collection of Mandy B.
Collection of Eric P.
Post-war brochure to assit migrant with information about Australian states.
Cough drop package, circa 1922-24. 5 x 8 x 1.5 cm. Collection of Andrew H.
Sergeant Dan Birds of the World - Blue Wren, card 32 of a series of 40.

Collectors & collections

O'd diprose

LOOKING FOR J. DIPROSE, FROM THE 1909, J.Diprose W.A. SNIDERS COLOURED SET.  Steve (0407099652) is a member of the Ephemera Society and is hoping for some nationwide help. Steve has been collecting the 1909 W.A. Sniders coloured set for over 12 years. He … [Read more...]


HERE IS ANOTHER EXTRACT ABOUT COLLECTING FROM A NOVEL.  The scene about a record sale in Northern Ireland, comes from a police procedural by Adrian McKinty. McKinty is a St Kilda, Melbourne based crime writer who was born in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, … [Read more...]

Our friends in the collecting world


'MANY OF THE [STATE LIBRARY'S] MOST UNIQUE COLLECTIONS ARE THE LIFETIME WORK OF A NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANISATIONS'. So says the State Library of Victoria in its Collections and Content Strategy … [Read more...]


THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS OF SEEING PART of this vast collection of Victorian government records including from home.  Here is a link to a selection of their art deco travel posters. You can visit … [Read more...]

What’s on? What’s happening?

Tayla Harris takes a big mark in 2014. Published in the Age in March 2015.

EXHIBITION IN PERTH: BOUNCE DOWN EXPLORES 100 YEARS OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S FOOTBALL in Western Australia and beyond.  Beginning in Perth in 1915 the women’s game started as a war time fundraiser. By 1955 women’s games had been played in more … [Read more...]

Colour postcard promoting scouting

SUNDAY 3 MAY 2015, AUSTRALIAN CARTOPHILIC SOCIETY'S FAIR. 10 AM to 3 PM, at the Moorabbin Masonic Hall (corner of Rowans Road and Isabella Street). They will be selling: postcards, trade cards, cigarette cards, swap cards and paper ephemera. … [Read more...]