Leafing through our library of ephemera

Label from strawberry packaging. 2014. Collection of Mandy B.
Collection of Eric P.
Post-war brochure to assit migrant with information about Australian states.
Cough drop package, circa 1922-24. 5 x 8 x 1.5 cm. Collection of Andrew H.
Sergeant Dan Birds of the World - Blue Wren, card 32 of a series of 40.

Collectors & collections

Ansett Motor Services, 26 x 20.7 cm, the letterhead occupies a depth of 8 cm, c.1930s. Collection of Ajay.

FROM A WONDERFUL MEMBER COLLECTION, WE LOOK AT SOME 1930s LETTERHEAD.  A little bit about letterhead According to Maurice Rickards' Encyclopedia of Ephemera, letterhead evolved from the trade card and bill head (invoice). The invoice was a fundamental … [Read more...]

Barbizon Plaza, Central Park South, New York City, sticker, 10.9 x 19 cm. Collection of AJAY.

AS PROMISED HERE ARE SOME MORE LOVELY ART DECO ERA TRAVEL ITEMS FROM AJAY'S COLLECTION. This time we focus on hotel ephemera. Spectacular with a small colour range. The image is 'off centre' whereas symmetry is a strong feature of some of the other … [Read more...]

Our friends in the collecting world


'MANY OF THE [STATE LIBRARY'S] MOST UNIQUE COLLECTIONS ARE THE LIFETIME WORK OF A NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANISATIONS'. So says the State Library of Victoria in its Collections and Content Strategy … [Read more...]


THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS OF SEEING PART of this vast collection of Victorian government records including from home.  Here is a link to a selection of their art deco travel posters. You can visit … [Read more...]

What’s on? What’s happened?

Point of sale from an ESA member's collection

LOCAL CHOCOLATE MAN, AND HIS ORIGINS AND OTHER SUCCESSES ARE ON DISPLAY IN MELBOURNE AT THE ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF VICTORIA. (These images are not from the exhibition.) The Royal Historical Society of Victoria is fortunate in having acquired … [Read more...]


We had a great get together at the annual Ephemera Symposium on 13 June 2015. This year our symposium organizer, Ed Jewel, has spared no expense to bring us a stellar line up of presenters: Collectors of Beatles (Graeme Dickenson) told us about … [Read more...]