Christmases past/Leafing through our library of ephemera

Happy hanukkah
New Year’s resolutions
Paper nativity scenes (ephemeral while the idea is eternal)
Christmas ephemera (from around the world but seen here often)
New year ephemera

Collectors & collections

Fighting over badges in the op shop + some dating tips

EPHEMERA JOURNAL #2, OUT SOON, will show you a great collection of badges, 14,500+ of them. Members will have their copies posted out. Join up if you want to get this 40 page record of collections and collecting. Meanwhile like Bill the badge collector, … [Read more...]

Button collecting

BUTTONS - THERE ARE MANY PRACTICAL, POLITICAL, DECORATIVE, IDENTIFYING PURPOSES SERVED.  Here is the story of Ruth Meier, a New Zealand collector of art deco buttons, 3,000 of them. (Look out for a bigger collection that will be on show in the Ephemera … [Read more...]

Ephemera/records of history

Fireworks, NYE

END OF YEAR = FIREWORKS' DISPLAYS. In Australia, fireworks are now chiefly the domain of the professional pyrotechnical folk. And it seems they have been for as long as the 1880s. The two major … [Read more...]

Father Christmas TRIES to visits Australia

CAN FATHER CHRISTMAS FIND HIS WAY HERE? THERE HAVE BEEN A COUPLE OF BARRIERS. The first was the tendency for locals to buy the northern hemisphere image. Here was a great response from Greg Bakes of … [Read more...]

What’s on? Coming up

The Making of Midnight Oil – exhibition

  The Making of Midnight Oil is a straight-up rock ‘n roll exhibition that charts the Oil’s impact on Australian musical, political and cultural history. From their early development on the pub circuit of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Midnight … [Read more...]

Next show & tell, Friday 5 February 2016

5/2/16, 6PM, JOIN A SMALL GROUP OF LIKE MINDED COLLECTORS AT THE CAMBERWELL LIBRARY MEETING ROOM, 270 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria. There are usually between 8-16 of us at these regular meetings: refreshments are provided; it is 6pm … [Read more...]