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'Dunnart n diasies', Margz 2015, cover calendar, by Marg Whyte. 21 x 29.5 cm.
Day Dream Island tours, folded sheet, circa 1935. Collection of Michael Aitken.
'Elementary Algebra' by J. R. Wilson, 1928, 18 x 12 cm. To be donated to State Library of Victoria.
'Five Miles from Gundagi' from 'The Aussie Shower Songbook', reprint 2000, 17 X 14 cm. Collection of Martin B.
Paradise Gold, sticky label on a pineapple, 6 x 5.5. cm, 2014. Collection of Mandy B.

From the postie

'I will the also a vigorous soldier', postcard, J.  Ya- published in Levallios Perrett, France, circa 1917. Collection of K. Houston.

With fondest love from your loving brother Jim

HERE IS SOME CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE FRONT BY WAY OF A SERIES OF POSTCARDS. They are sent by soldier, Jim Jorgensen to his family, principally his youngest brother Stan who were all at home on the family sugar cane farm in Bundaberg. The cards usually bear … [Read more...]

2001-GE-Xmas cardcr

Greg Elm’s alternative Xmas cards

Not everyone is happy sending traditional Christmas cards, especially some people in the creative arts. From 1995 to 2006 Melbourne based photographer Greg Elms created his own, alternative, photographic Christmas cards to send to friends and clients (all … [Read more...]

What we collect -Australia Day badges, fruit labels, food packaging, fruit boxes, badges, pop up books, blotters, badges, footy, postcards, letterhead, paper bags..

15-AusDAYbuttons-EdJ-REDbckg-15 copy

  THIS SERIES OF BADGES FROM THE 1910s MAY SURPRISE MANY BY BEARING THE DATES IN JULY.  In 2015 there is discussion about what a national day should be and so when it should be celebrated. Many see … [Read more...]

'Crocodile's choice', 2 x 2.5 cm, 2015. Collection of Mandy B.

THIS IS A GOOD MANGO SEASON - SO SAYS THE FRUITERER OFFERING $15 A BOX. This makes it a great season for those who collect thumbnail size ephemeral stickers from the fruit displays in Melbourne. We … [Read more...]

What’s on? What’s happening?


VISITORS ARE RAVING ABOUT THIS EXHIBITION ON AT THE MELBOURNE MUSEUM. It is about the World War 1 experience of Victorians - fighting, injured, recovering, home front, opposition to the war. You can get a taste of it by looking at this preview … [Read more...]

Catalogue, 1928. From the collection of K. Houston.

The Canberra times has run a story about ephemera collecting at the National Library - speaking to Catherine Aldersey who many will remember from the 2014 symposium. The journalist, John Thisleton, reports on the Library's collecting processes for … [Read more...]